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Fixing the Windows Update Error 0x800B0100

I recently installed Windows 7 on my laptop and while updating my windows I kept receiving the error of Windows Update Error 0x800B0100. After searching the web I found this link on Microsoft website that automatically resolved the issue. Basically you download the windows update troubleshooter and the software automatically find and fix the missing files or corrupted files.

The process of resolving Windows Update Error 0x800B0100 just took about 3 minutes and now the system seems to be working fine. Your computer may need a restart after the process is complete. To narrow down the experience our system was a windows 7 professional 32 bit (x86). It is very important to carefully download the right version of t he troubleshooter as different operating system architectures require different troubleshooting technique.

If the first method cannot resolve the issue Microsoft provides a second method to resolve the error which requires additional downloading of a file to fix the Windows Update Error 0x800B0100.

Error 0x800B0100 when you try to install Windows Updates or Microsoft Update