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In this article we discuss how to protect htaccess file on your webhost. Protecting this file is very critical for maintaining your website security.

What is htaccess file?

.htaccess file is a hypertext access file that is located on the main directory of your public_html folder of your host. The public_html contains the files that are accessible to public.  This file helps with configuration of the server such as protecting some pages or folders to be accessed by public even though they located in the public_html folder.

How to protect htaccess file?

To make sure your file is protected and cannot be configured by the visitors you should change the permission of the file. Generally this file has the permission of 644. To make sure your file cannot be manuplulated by the visitors and only you and the plugins and apps that locate on your web host can change that you should change the file permission to 404.


If your server is managed by cPanel I highly suggest you visit this short youtube video :

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