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I have decided to write about resolving computer problems under a new title of “How-to-fix”. Here is a very simple problem I have recently resolved:


The problem

So the other day I turned on my computer (windows 7 Professional) and to my amazement I have found that my computer screen was rotated.

It is hard to operate when the computer screen is rotated 90 degrees! See the following image and you can imagine how annoying this problem is.


Screen view rotated 90 degrees


How to fix

First I suspected that a computer virus might have done that. I did a little research on it and the solution was very simple.

Simply click on these three buttons and the problem is resolved: “Ctrl , Alt , Arrow up”

So basically this combination will change the direction of the screen view. For example if you want your screen to be shown in an upside down direction you can click on the following “Ctrl + Alt + Arrow down”. The arrow keys are generally located on the right side of your keyboard and the look like the following image.


Keyboard Arrow Keys


If you have any computer question contact me on my website. I try to help you resolve the issue.