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GO SMS PRO provides a great text, SMS, and MMS app that provides a much better system comparing the factory sms clients. We have been using this app since early 2011 and have observed the huge improvements. Some of the key features are so necessary that we are amazed they are not embedded in the factory version of the sms clients.

1- Sending Confirmation: How many times you have sent a text randomly or before completion and you told yourself! “F…” Well, we love this feature in the GO SMS PRO. As you see in the advanced settings they have a “Send Settings” which provides you the option to “Confirm before sending a message”. This may prevent a lot of headache andĀ embarrassments!

GO-SMS-PRO Android App

Settings for Sending text using GO-SMS-PRO

In the “Advanced” tab you can find the “Send Settings”


Mark the check box to confirm before sending the text message

To confirm your text before sending click on the “Send Message Confirm” check box.


GO-SMS-PRO SEND confirmation before send snapshot

An example of the view you may see after the “confirmation before sending” is activated.