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Teamviewer Free Online Access and Meeting SoftwareNowadays, we all have access to multiple computers, Macs, and portable devices. This complexity in the number of systems we need to have access to require us to have easy remote access to many of the systems. I have tried many of the commercial and free remote access software and online meeting solution. Teamviewer has been one of those that has provided excellent service (both in free version & commercial).

While you may find Teamviewer very simple to install it carries many features that is beneficial to many IT support persons and even novice people to simply have access to their computers.

Teamviewer supports major operating systems and mobile platforms including, windows, Macs, Linux, Android, and iOS (iPhone & iPads). In this article I will discuss the windows version of Teamviewer but similar experiences may be obtained by the use of other platforms.

Teanviewer provides a licence agreement base on “trust”! When I was a college student I used this app for accessing my home and personal computers without any limits to the number of computers I was accessing to or receiving any annoying marketing emails! Just install it and use it! Simple!

However if you plan to use the system for your business you are required to obtain a perpetual license that will give you access to all the upgrades in the subversion of the teamviewer you have. Basically if you purchase version 8 then all feature upgrades such as 8.1, 8.2, etc. will be included in your purchase and you never have to pay any extra for using the system! However if you wish to upgrade to version 9 (which has not come yet) then you have to pay about 30% of the initial license cost.

Comparing other solutions that charge based on the number of computers, traffic, etc. I personally think Teamviewer has all the best pricing and features. If you have any question how to employ this solution reach me at my website (Azadeh Khorram) and I try to help you with your question.

disclaimer – I have no monetary¬†interest at and association with Teamviewer. Please use this solution at your own risk. The contents of this article is only provided for the readers’ information.